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Liberty Slings offer a selection of comfortable baby slings, baby carriers, pouch slings / papooses and swaddle pods suitable from newborn through to the toddler years. We have combined the ancient tradition and wisdom of baby wearing with modern day manufacturing techniques to produce; not just a baby carrier but a stylish piece of clothing. Baby wearing allows you to carry your baby hands free, making every day activities easier whilst caring for your baby's needs. Breastfeeding on the go could not be easier. Baby wearing is fun, economical, and safe for baby and toddler and allows constant communication strengthening the bond between you and your baby. Enjoy being one of the many parents to be inspired by 'carrying the future' in Liberty Baby slings or Baby Carriers, Pouch slings / papooses.
Baby Sling Photo Gallery
Visit Liberty Slings photo gallery to see a selection of baby slings, baby carriers pouch slings / papooses being used by friends and customers who treasure their baby slings. Coming soon! Pictures of our latest baby product, Swaddle Pods for swaddling your baby to give extra comfort and security.
Liberty Slings Baby Slings Shop
Know what you need? Then go straight to Liberty Slings shop to browse our selection of baby slings, baby Carriers, pouch slings / papooses and swaddle pods in a range of practical designs.
Benefits of Using a Baby Sling
Why is a sling or baby carrier good for you and your baby? This is what the experts say: Dr. Sears, a paediatrician for over 30 years explains, "Because baby wearing resembles the womb as closely as is humanly possible, it fulfils a style of parenting that baby would have anticipated and helps a new baby fit into their environment." Find out more in the Benefits Section of Liberty Slings website.

What about swaddling? Swaddling is the ancient practice of snugly wrapping a baby in a blanket for security and dates back to biblical times. Swaddling in effect re-creates the mother's womb for a newborn baby.

Research suggests that swaddled babies sleep better and that swaddling a baby in the first 3-4 months of baby's life may help babies remain on their backs which reduces the risk of SIDS.

Liberty Slings have a new product - The Swaddle Pod, which is used to safely and simply swaddle baby and is similar to a baby sleeping bag, no velcro, buttons or ties.

The Swaddle Pod is made from quality 100% knitted cotton a natural fibre which allows air to circulate and prevent your baby from overheating.

How to Wear a Baby Sling
How do you wear our slings? To get the best from your Liberty Ring Sling or Pouch Sling it is important that you know how to wear them properly, as well as the various ways of wearing them in order to get the full benefits for you and your baby. Visit our informative section to find the best way of wearing your baby sling.
Articles about Baby Slings
We've collected some of the best articles on slings and baby wearing, and presented the essence in these concise quotes to encourage you to read further about the advantages of using a baby sling.
Links about Baby Wearing & Child Development
Useful links to the best websites with information about baby wearing, attachment theory and child development.
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Find a Liberty Slings baby sling stockist near you! Also contact details for retailers wishing to stock the Liberty Slings range of baby slings, baby carriers and Swaddle Pods.
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Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions about the Liberty Slings range of baby slings, baby carriers, papooses and Swaddle Pods.
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